All Flex Fitness clubs are vaccinated facilities and members are therefore required to provide evidence of a current Vaccine Pass.  Members only need to do this once, at their home club.



How will you verify my vaccine certificate?

Vaccine certificates are verified using the Ministry of Health’s (MoH) specially developed app. This involves scanning the QR code on your vaccine pass which will display a ‘verified’ or ‘not verified’ message on the device. We will record your vaccine expiry date in your member profile and this information will be treated with the same level of privacy as other personal information related to your membership. 


Can I suspend or cancel my membership?

Please get in touch with your club directly for information on your options and the process.


Will I have to show my vaccine certificate every time I come to the gym?

You will only need to present your vaccine certificate for verification on your first visit which must be verified at your home club. 


What if I have a vaccine exemption?

Should you have a valid vaccine exemption this will need to be verified with club staff in the same way as a vaccine certificate. The details of the vaccine exemption will be recorded against your membership, and remain private. 


What if someone in my house is unvaccinated?

Having an unvaccinated person in your home will not prevent a vaccinated member from attending the gym, we are only required to verify the vaccine certificate of a Flex Fitness member wanting to attend the gym.


Will staff be vaccinated?

Staff are required to complete the same vaccine verification process as members, so all staff onsite have received two doses of the vaccine.


Which public health measures are in place to reduce the potential spread of illness?

To continue to keep gyms as safe as possible and reduce the risk of the spread of Covid-19 or other illnesses, we are following public health measures:

  • Staff are required to wear medical-grade face masks.  Members are required to wear masks when entering, exiting, or moving throughout the gym. 
  • Members and staff are required to scan in using the Covid-19 contact tracing app.

  • We continue to recommend hand washing and general hygiene practices such as coughing or sneezing into your elbow.

  • Members and staff are required to stay home if feeling unwell or showing any symptoms of Covid-19 and get tested.

  • We continue with our usual cleaning protocols and require all members to continue to wipe down all equipment and surfaces after use.

What are the hours of operation?

Flex Fitness clubs will remain accessible by current members 24/7 using their access key.

Refer to your club’s website for staffed hours.

How many members are allowed in the club at the same time?

At Red Alert level, a maximum of 100 members is permitted in the club at any time.

How will group fitness operate?

Group fitness classes will look different. All group fitness will require booking in advance to facilitate contact tracing requirements and manage public health measures for physical distancing.

Please contact your club for more information.

Do I need to wear a mask when working out?

Members are required to wear a mask when entering, exiting, or moving throughout the gym. However, you are NOT required to wear a mask when working out. 

What are the physical distancing requirements at the club?

A physical distance of at least 1 meter must be maintained between yourself and others in the club. This is based on current public health measures at Red Alert Level.


I always work out with my partner/spouse, do we both need our own access tags?

Yes, all members must have their own access key tag for health and safety purposes. The government requirement for contact tracing means that all members MUST bring and use their own access key tag each time you arrive and when you leave the club (if applicable).

If you have misplaced your key tag, you will need to organise a replacement key. You will not be permitted to enter the club without a key.

Can I visit reciprocal Flex Fitness clubs?

Yes, if your membership is active, but you must use your access key tag.