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Social media tips from Iyia Liu #GIRLBOSS

Listen to Treadmill Talk with Iyia Liu the amazing #GIRLBOSS who started Waist Trainer NZ/AUS, Luxe Fitness, Celebration Box & Bambi Boutique

Here are some tips from social media marketing guru Iyia Liu:

Engagement Engagement Engagement 

When picking a social media influencer, look at the engagement on which of their posts, as some people buy their followers or don’t actually have an engaged audience. Also she suggest a good tip is to look at the video views, which means their likes aren’t actually genuine.

Do you know your target market 

Make sure you know your target market to a tee. Find someone that understands the target market you are wanting to showcase your business too and then create the right content on your social media platforms. Try and focus on being inspirational or relatable to your audience.


As Facebook is making it more difficult to advertise with its relevancy score to show what it believes you want to see, the only way not to get in front of eyeballs is to be relevant or use incentives. By using giveaways you can encourage people to follow your page and share posts which therefore increases engagement and organic reach and likes.


Wording and imagery is super important, especially when it comes to competitions and promotional posts. Iyia Liu believes sometimes the wording and imagery could be why your content isn’t working. Test and trial different ways and this is a way you can measure which one is more successful. 

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