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Our Top 10 Meditation Tips

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10 Meditation tips for beginners!

Find your space

Find a really nice calm quiet area where you feel most at ease and comfortable somewhere that you know you can return to the same area to practice.

Find Time

Choosing the right time will not only establish a routine but have consistency throughout your week. A good time would be just after you wake up in the morning, before you reach out for your phone for that cheeky social media scroll.

Establish a Routine

Making sure you are using the same space and doing at the same time will create a routine which means it will help you to relax and also practice meditation more quickly.

Be Comfortable

Sit comfortably, and make sure your spine is tall and your chin is tucked. Try starting with just five minutes of deep breathing.

Remember to breathe

Regulating your breath will help your mind and body to feel at ease with a relaxed mind.

Don’t be attached

The human brain will make your mind wonder, thoughts will be all over the place. Just let them pass by and try to not attach yourself to the thoughts. Acknowledge and let them pass by.


Set your attention on a point of focus which will help you meditate better and keep this eyes closed and focus on the detail and intention of what’s going on while meditating. 


Detach yourself from the thoughts in your mind and focus on a point while watching your mind.


Meditation comes when you reach a state of pure thought. You are aware of your train of thought and can witness the self.

Build Your Practice

By building your practice for only a short amount of time which could be really ten minutes a day will help you build routine and awareness each time you do it. Once you do it you will start to learn and concentrate better throughout the day. You will notice change in the long run.