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07 562 4523 346 - 352 Te Ngae Road, Rotorua
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  • Monday - Thursday Mon - Thu 10:00AM - 7:00PM 10AM - 7PM
  • Friday Fri 10:00AM - 4:00PM 10AM - 4PM
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Welcome to Flex Fitness Rotorua! 

Find Rotorua's finest training facility at Lynmore Junction! Flex Fitness Rotorua combines group fitness, weight training, and functional gear to help all of our members reach their goals fast! Try our Maxtrix Step machines, turfed group fitness floor, and Ziva functional rigs! Private bathrooms provide a comfortable and secure space to get ready for work or school with a supplement bar for a shake on your way out the door! Change Begins Here!





Body weighted HITT, AMRAP -functional full body movements and lastly “ hard core” hitting the core 

Unleash The HITT

Unleash the HIIT is a 45 minute full body workout where you're working for a duration of time with minimal rest in between. Exercises chosen are specific to movement patterns of our everyday life helping you to be fitter and dynamically working more efficiently.


Empower 30

A mixture of structures including amraps, emoms, circuits, and interval trainings that incorporate functional, full body movements, including an ab finisher that will ensure you're leaving with every muscle group having put in some hard work.



A full body workout, working at a high intensity rate with minimal rest in between. Exercises chosen are specific to everyday movement patterns. This class aims to get the heart rate going and the sweat flowing!!



Short for metabolic conditioning. Combines strength an cardio exercises and varies from moderate to high intensity. This class utilises many crossfit movements and is a great way to gain strength as well as work on the cardiovascular system.


Lunchtime 30

A 30 minute full body circuit and/or tabata training, consisting of both bodyweight and strength exercises. A great way to get the days workout done within a small amount of time.


Flex 30

Our Saturday class is a tabata based fitness with a range of exercises including both body weight and strength exercises. If you struggle with motivation levels in the weekend, this is the class for you, not only do you have a trainer there to form and deliver the session, you have a group of people to get the work done alongside!



  1. Q. Are the classes free? 
    A. All classes are free for Flex Fitness members. Non-members can also attend for $10.

  2. Q. When should I arrive? 
    A. All we ask is you turn up with 5-10 minutes to spare and the instructor will take you through the whole process.

  3. Q. Where are they? 
    A. Our classes are taken on the green turfed area just past the cubbyholes.

  4. Q. Am I fit enough? 
    A. YES! All our group fitness classes are designed for all levels of fitness, age and gender and you will find low impact and low intensity options offered throughout your class. If you are really worried just speak to your instructor before the class starts and they'll help you out.

  5. Q. Are your instructors qualified? 
    A. Yes, they are all fully qualified. Our instructors have a Level 4 certification equivalent or higher.

  6. Do I need to bring anything? 
    Wear comfortable work out clothes, bring a towel and water bottle.





6:00am - 6:30am


5:45pm - 6:30pm



12:30pm - 1:00pm



5:45pm - 6:30pm



12:30pm - 1:00pm



6:00am - 6:30am



8:00am - 8:30am

ROT PT profile Daniel W

Daniel Ward

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Specialised training types:

Sport Specific
Weight Loss Training

ROT PT profile Caitlin

Caitlin Poolman

Specialised training types:

Olympic lifting
Muscle building
Sport specific training

ROT PT profile Lorenz

Lorenz Kerei-Watt

Specialised training types:

Sport specific training

ROT PT profile Sam K

Sam Karl

Specialised training types:


ROT PT profile Tina W

Tina Westwood

Specialised training types:

Lose weight
Gain over all body tone