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7 New Fitness Trends of 2019

New year means new trendy workouts bombing your Instagram feed. Are you ready to mix up your gym staples and see the new inventive fitness trends that rise in popularity every year? From digital fitness and to an increase of workouts that have a bigger emphasis on recovery, these are just a few to name which you can look forward too!

Whether you are a person who is joined to a gym or your more of a homebody workout person. There is always new inventive fitness trends that rise in popularity every year and everyone wants to try, see below the latest trends of 2019. 

Shorter Class Times & Workouts 

Short sharp workouts are in higher demand today especially with people who have busy work schedules. According to Empowerment Funding and Expansion at ClassPass they found that 33% of people signed up for a class under 44 minutes or less in 2018 than they did in 2017. People are always trying to find ways to make room for exercise especially when it comes to work/life balance especially with working families. People are busier than ever so more studios or gyms now these days are catering to that more.

Group Fitness Classes

Group fitness never seems to fail to get in the top of the list for favorite trends. Following the rise of bespoke and boutique fitness, we think this will just continue to increase in popularity as more and more people find group fitness classes motivating. Mindbody in America has research that shows in “earlier 2018 shows that 27 percent of U.S adults participate in group fitness at least once a week or more”.  Many studies have shown that group classes help you feel more supported and motivated.

Treadmill Classes

Ever thought of maybe one day going to a group fitness class which is solely based around Treadmills and running. Running is always a popular choice of cardio. When combined running with treadmills as a group fitness class the atmosphere with motivational instructors has made this workout just as appealing as spin classes but instead with treadmills!


Swimming what a great way of being active in summer as you travel around looking for the best kiwi beaches. Winter might be a bit more tricky to swim on a daily but why is this an upcoming trend for 2019? Swimming is universal for all ages whether you are young or old. This is a great option if you’re looking for an exercise that won’t add any pressure on you possibly getting injuries.  

Fitness Apps

Fitness apps are the way to workout smart alone or at home if you feel more comfortable doing a workout at home. Fitness technologies and apps are on the rise and will only continue to grow. People seem to like the idea of being able to access valuable information from their devices at the convenience of their own home. Also with fitness apps, you can also see the success of other people with the social aspect on them where you can see scores or points when using the app or how they are tracking.

Kickboxing and HIIT Workouts

Have you ever tried kickboxing, HITT or CrossFit? These workouts are a great sweat up. Especially for Gen Z and Millennials. People have found that kickboxing and HITT workouts are great for boosting your mood and self-esteem.


Yoga has always been one of the leaders in the gym industry capturing all ages and all types of fitness levels. Research shows that Yoga can help your boost your endorphins, help regulate your sleep cycle, lower your stress, and can also help lower levels of inflammation to your body. You can also do yoga at home or in a group fitness setting, if you practice yoga in time you can develop and practice mindfulness.


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