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Lydia O'Donnell Must Haves

Thanks to Fashion Quarterly NZ we were able to learn about half-marathon champion Lydia O’Donnell and what are her absolute must-haves or her favourite things at the moment. 

People to follow on Instagram?

Kirsty Godso, Millie Elder-Homes, Nike and Nike woman.

Gym Bag Necessities?

Running shoes are a must have. Always have a bottle of water, phone for a few selfies, deodorant and sweat towel. Carry a dri-fit knit so when it gets a bit colder after a run you can chuck this on as a throw over.

Favorite shoe?

Currently big fan of Nike Jordans. It always depends on what the outfit and look you are going for.

Best running spot?

There are some stunning tracks in the Waitakere Ranges that are perfect for long distance. One of my favorite is the track from Titarangi to Muriwai, which is about 70 kilometers long.

Beauty must have?

Use a moisturiser with a high SPF. Also, I get a deep tissue massage quite often, but it’s far from relaxing.

Top tune?

George FM and the breakfast show on here.

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Credit https://www.fq.co.nz/life/wellbeing/qa-with-lydia-odonnell

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