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She's not WAIST-ING time!

Listen to Treadmill Talk with Iyia Liu the amazing #GIRLBOSS who started Waist Trainer NZ/AUS, Luxe Fitness, Celebration Box & Bambi Boutique

Find out more about our Treadmill Talk Special Guest Iyia Liu with some impressive milestones she has already hit so far as a young female entrepreneur.

Waist Trainer

Waist Trainer NZ/Aus was created by Iyia at the age of 21.  Her e-commerce business started off with her own $6000 in her savings which within one year grew to a multi-million-dollar business, selling to over 90+ countries.

“In order to get Kylie Jenner to post an Instagram picture of herself posing in a Waist Trainer, it set her back just under $300,000”.  She had also spent around $500,000 on Facebook advertising for Waist Trainer NZ/Aus in 2015 to get the brand out and promote this through paying influential people back then to promote the product, this is what we know now as "influencers" online". 

Luxe Fitness

In July 2016 after much success of her Waist Trainer she saw another gap in the market which was health supplements and protein shakes that females would buy. In the market so far there weren’t any protein powders specifically customized for girls that were aesthetically pleasing when you purchase the product. Iyia founded and launched Luxe Fitness which is a line of health supplements related products, and grew into a global e-commerce business within a matter of months!

Bambi Boutique

Iyia next decided to launch a online clothing company called “Bambi Boutique” a women’s online clothing retailer, and used her skills of social media and strategy to grow her social following from 0 to a combined 250,000 followers on Instagram within the first month! This gave her a head start to consistently make sales from the social media following.

Celebration Box

After three very successful businesses, Iyia’s next move was an online gift boxing website. In July 2018 Iyia launched Celebration Box. With initially only a $4000 initial investment but with her skills and experience, she was able to generate 10,000 sales in the first 3 and a half months, using social media platforms to get the sales.

Iyia's three most important lessons she has learned while building each business.

  • Work with others in every way. It’s impossible to grow without the help of others.
  • If you have a vision and you work hard to achieve it, you will achieve it in time
  • Don’t be afraid of competition, let it make you work harder – and never be bitter towards the competition, if you’re doing well you wouldn’t care.

Credit: https://idealog.co.nz/venture/2016/10/using-influencer-marketing-build-business


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